Schedule and Abstracts


Beatriz Rumbos, Inaugural address.

Juan Pablo Aguilera, Omega-provably Delta_1 games.

Arthur W. Apter, Strong compactness, Easton functions and indestructibility.

David Aspero, Few new reals.

Joan Bagaria, The role of large cardinals in the semantics of Generalized Provability Logics.

Mirna Dzamonja, Crisis in Foundations: is it really happening?

David Fernandez Duque, The Caristi fixed point theorem, the Ekeland variational principle, and strong systems of arithmetic.

Rodrigo Jesus Hernandez Gutierrez, T-algebras and magic G_delta's.

Michael Hrusak, Iterated ultrapowers as countably compact groups.

John Krueger, Club isomorphisms on higher Aronszajn trees.

Ulises Ariet Ramos Garcia, Extremally disconnected topological groups.

Christian Rosendal, Coarse geometry and topological groups.

Dima Sinapova, Strong tree properties.

John R. Steel, Mouse pairs.

Victor Torres Perez, Conjectures of Rado and Chang, square principles, tree properties and bounded forcing axioms.

Anush Tserunyan, Hyperfinite ergodic subgraphs.

Jouko Vaananen, Internal categoricity.

Andres Villaveces, Some interactions between model theory and set theory.